MUD Clients

MUD Clients are an applications designed for connecting to and playing MUDs (multi-user dungeons) such as Mystic Adventure. They are more versatile than the web-based client we provide on our home page, and often include advanced features such as:

  • aliases - create a shortened form of a command in order to save typing. For example if you're a cleric you might set up ccl to work as a short version of cast 'cause light' to help you cast the spell faster when in combat.
  • triggers - which run a command in response to a specific thing happening in the game. Maybe... "You are hungry." should trigger eating something?
  • scripts - whch runs multilpe commands in a sequence. This can be useful for things like navigating Mystic's road system to get to different places.
  • split screen or tabs - so you can run more than one character at a time. (IMPORTANT: Mystic Adventure rules only allow you to play a maximum of 2 characters at a time. See "HELP MULTI" from within the game for more information)
  • repeat previous commands - not limited to only the last one
  • mapping - which draws a map as you explore an area.

Here are a few suggestions for clients you may want to try out:

Client Available for
Chiara's MUD Client (cMUD)*
Linux (unofficial via Wine)
iPhone / iPad
Download from Apple App Store​
BlowTorch MUD Client
Download from Google Play Store

* Commercial product; free trial available

You can find a page listing lots of other MUD clients and comparing there features  here:

Some Mobile Gaming Tips

Playing MUDs can involve lots of typing, often at speed, which can be a little awkward on mobile devices. They may not be a good primary device for playing MUDs but if you're out and about with no access to a desktop or laptop PC then hopefully these tips will be useful to you.

Please share your experiences so that we can expand this section with more advice.

Web Client on Mystic Home Page

From my experience it works better in landscape orientation.

BlowTorch MUD Client

In the default setup the lines of text are just a little too long for my phone (Moto G7 Power) so I reduce the text size jsut a little bit. This client has buttons you can tap for common command, save having to type them in yourself. by default they only appear in landscape orientation.