MUD Clients are an applications designed for connecting to and playing MUDs (multi-user dungeons) such as Mystic Adventure. They are more versatile than the web-based client we provide on our home page, and often include advanced features such as:

  • aliases - create a shortened form of a command in order to save typing. For example if you're a cleric you might set up ccl to work as a short version of cast 'cause light' to help you cast the spell faster when in combat.
  • triggers - which run a command in response to a specific thing happening in the game. Maybe... "You are hungry." should trigger eating something?
  • scripts - whch runs multilpe commands in a sequence. This can be useful for things like navigating Mystic's road system to get to different places.
  • split screen or tabs - so you can run more than one character at a time. (IMPORTANT: Mystic Adventure rules only allow you to play a maximum of 2 characters at a time. See "HELP MULTI" from within the game for more information)
  • repeat previous commands - not limited to only the last one
  • mapping - which draws a map as you explore an area.

You can find a page comparing the features of various MUD clients here:

Mystic Adventure doesn't provide or officially endorse any specific MUD client. Most clients can be downloaded free of charge.