In ancient times the land of Mystic was a swirling sea of chaos, known only to the Triumvirate. From the minds of the mighty Implementors Keops, Sphynx, and Cobra, the world sprang forth, and the chaos condensed into water, earth, fire, air, and lightning. Cobra created a ruler for each of these realms, and set them to work molding the many lands of Mystic. Sphynx gazed upon all of Mystic, and created a network of roads to aid the rulers in their work. With one mighty hand, Keops scooped up a fistful of the chaos, and tossed it to the ground where it became a myriad of mystical creatures to inhabit the lands.

Unfortunately, the Three were not alone in their land, and others of equal stature stirred in their sleep. The Ancient's woke and saw what the Triumvirate were doing. Angered by the actions of the Three, they allied with each other. Zeus lead his minions to a high mountain top, which he named Olympus, and plagued the Three with an army of heavenly bodies. Phalse, Lord Bane, and the other Ancients scattered about the new land to attack from all sides. Of all the old gods, only Primus refused to join either side, and merely watched the great battle in eerie silence.

A thousand year war ensued, in which magical creatures were created to do battle for the gods and Imps. The Three created a whole host of creatures known as dinosaurs to fight the gods. T-Rex led many victorious battles, but fell before the hideous monsters known as Slicers. Created by the Ancients, the Slicers were undefeasible, and it looked as though the Three would fall. But, with one last effort, a mighty spell was cast by the Three, and mortals entered the realm for the first time. The mortals proved to be more formidable then anticipated, not subject to the limits of magical creatures. Some mortals fought for the old gods, but most fought for the Imps.

The old gods fell before this new onslaught, and the Three punished them for their treachery. The Olympians were trapped in their city, locked forever in a single pose to face mortal heroes. The Ancients were imprisoned in a vile place created by Keops called the Scary Square. Only Primus, who remained neutral through the ordeal, was allowed to maintain his realm, Nirvana, as he saw fit. The mortals settled throughout Mystic, avoiding the areas where monsters from the Thousand Year War still wandered. The great cities of men grew from the rubble of the War. Shire came to be a great place of trade, second only to Midgaard as a center of civilization.

Five hundred years later, the present is here. Mortals have lived in peace, with each other and the other mystical creatures of the land. But now, the old gods are stirring once more, rising from the evil corners of the world to plague the cities of Man. Centering their efforts around the Shire, ranks of terrifying monsters lay siege to the realm. The Imps prepare for the inevitable onslaught and have added another Implementor to their ranks: Wimp, the Creator of Beer. In addition, those mortals who have proved to be loyal have been made immortal, to exact the rule of the Imps. Led by Stew the Denier, the new gods watch over the land.

The time of Heroes is nigh.

-From the Ballad of Mystic, translated by Fife the Wandering Minstrel